9 Bedtime Drinks That Reduce Stomach Fat While You Sleep

In this journey to become the best of our self’s or to be as healthy as possible no matter your life situation. We deal with work hard and you will see results, No pain, No gain, till it hurts and others. In this day and age with everything being ready made access, there is something to be said for working smart as well. We love the fact that there are products that will give us a non physical advantage or aide especially when it’s a hard to penetrate part of the body. We have some for the number one hardest part of the body to penetrate and get right.

Pineapple juice

Pineapples are full of natural fibers, so they keep you full longer and reduce stomach fat, collecting in the stomach area .

Cucumber Juice

Juice a few fresh cucumbers, and add some water. This drink will help to supply the body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that help digestion, support weight loss, and regulate blood sugar.

Green Tea

Green tea accelerates metabolism, helps weight loss, and prevents weight gain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar has powerful antibacterial and antibiotic properties, that treat diarrhea, intestinal spasms, and soothe an upset stomach. Add a few tablespoons to a glass of water, add a few apple slices, and drink it before going to sleep.

Cucumber And Cilantro

This drink detoxifies the body because it is rich in antioxidants, just add lemon, water, cucumber and some cilantro.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the most effective natural remedies for preventing obesity. it also improves the absorption of nutrients, helps digestion, and helps melt abdominal fat.

Strawberry With Lemon And Herbs

Strawberries are abundant in phytochemicals which prevent heart disease and cancer and help the weight loss. The compounds they contain inhibit inflammation, regulate hormones and control blood sugar.

Dandelion Tea

This tea will help you cleanse the body of toxins, and relieve heartburn, bloating, and other forms of stomach discomfort. 

Grapefruit And Cinnamon Juice

Grapefruit is a rich source of antioxidants. It boosts metabolism and helps you reach your weight loss goals. Just add some grapefruit juice to a glass of water, and add cinnamon sticks, and sugar. Garnish with mint. 

28 Day Keto Challenge

Salmon Teriyaki

These days it seems to be a like or following for the Keto Diet and any keto variation that will cater to the individual health and diet journey. well we aim to please, here is a 28 day challenge keto diet that we like. This challenge first, has a money back guarantee after 60 days which is truly enough time for proven results. It includes Keto Daily, which gives you basic diet tips, Simple Keto Meals, which gives you 10 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes, and 14 dinner recipes with deserts and more. Included with extra added goodies also. https://bit.ly/2KDyebJ

Super Foods That Really Help Weight Loss

Starting your health and fitness journey it’s nice to know when you have a foundation that you know will not only help you but really work. Here is our list of some of the the super foods that will actually help you loos weight with the right incorporation into your daily diet.


Raw or cooked is known for it’s cancer preventing power, It also aides in weight loss with it’s fiber filling power.


This fish might be the most single healthy food that you can eat period. It contributes numerous vitamins and proteins that help to prevent a list of illnesses and not to mention the nourishment for the different parts of the body. This food is full of MUFA’s (Monounsaturated Fat) which adds to the reduction of heart disease and weight control also.


Best known for their anti-aging effect also help to make you feel full.

Brown Rice

Boots Metabolism and burns fat.


Stops the bodies fat storage and boots your caloric burn.


The protein in eggs will curve your appetite. Studies have shown that women who eat eggs for breakfast loss twice as much weight as women who started their day with bagels.

Dark Chocolate

A portion of dark chocolate can slow down your digestion which will make you feel full for a longer period of time. This can and will make you eat less if eaten in between a meal.

Top Habits That Can Help You Loose Wieght

Weight control and loosing body weight is all about making small changes that you can settle with in your life and in your diet. Here are some simple ones that you can do.

Evaluate Your Eating Habits

We all have are own unique eating habits and routines that we like to do. Take notice of your snacking and times that you dip and dab during the course of a day that are not in your diet routine and what foods with. A good substitution is fruit. (No Sugar!!!)

Have A Plan To Succeed

Part of achieving your goal and succeeding in your diet is having a plan for you to follow and stick too when you wounder from your pound goals.

Always Shop On A Full Stomach

When shopping on a full stomach you are more apt to stick to your diet plan and your list.

Eat Regular Meals diet

Eat your regular meal plan and do not deviate your diet plan.

Do Not Eat After 7pm

This insures you of all your food digestion before your sleeping period.

Inncorporate A Lot Of Natural Fruits During The Day

This will take away the snacking and dipping.

Breakfast is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Not only is it the most important but it should be the most energy and the foundation of the beginning of your diet plan so choose wisely.

Smoothie Diet

Any recipe or weight loss meal plan is meant to be a foundation for your preparation and your personal touch of what you would prefer and like. This is exactly what a smoothie recipe is for. A good smoothie is one that has the ingredients that you like and prefer too drink and aides you in your journey so have fun with it. With that being said this is an ideal smoothie recipe set, to do just that with. https://bit.ly/2ZzzfGS

Belly Fat Loss

It seems like this might be one of the most opinionated and talked about subjects when it comes to weight loss. The truth is that 80 percent of your body is made up on what you eat and the other 20 percent is your ability to exercise and loose weight and unless your truly blessed genetically which 90 percent of us aren’t, then most likely you are going to need a combination of healthy eating and exercise to help you loose weight. We recommend that you purchase a good protein supplement to incorporate with your meals or smoothies and a daily dose of apple cider vinegar goes well. The following instruction is better utilized in a workout gym facility setting. A quire a stomach routine that best fits you and remember no pain no gain, the stomach and leg muscles are the only muscles that you can work on a daily basis but a minimum of every other day is fine. Now the trick that combines everything to give you the results is that at least no less than two times a week, you must get into the steam room for no less than 20 minutes.

Continue this process along with your eating and exercising routine for thirty days and we guarantee you very noticable resultsin your weight loos plan that will motivate you to continue male or female.

Hip Flexor

This unique exercise program which is fully equipped with modules and a diet program is basically emphasizing the effects of your mid core muscles which are your hip flexors. It talks about the hip flexors being so closely related and connected to the glute muscles which are directly conected to the lower back and have close proximity to the effect of the sciatic nerve. This relationship can cause numbness of the toes as well as lower back pain, groin pain, loss of sleep and low sex drive. This program comes with discounts and bonuses also, one to have on the list. https://bit.ly/2DAoTgr