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Shell We Begin!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


The road to good health and fitness can be long, frustrating and very painful at times but the end result and the outcome from the workout and the gym is very well worth it. Well, thanks to us your journey does not have to be a lonely one. We are here to give you some of the tools that you might need in the course of your journey. We will provide you with product reviews on products, diets, food, and exercise for you to evaluate and use in your endeavor from beginners to long term established. Our hope is that we can become a part of your journey.

We wish everyone happy results and good luck! ……… In our endeavor to make this a very dependable top blog, we welcome all comments, suggestions and ask fitness related questions we will answer promptly.

Covid Exposure

First of all our IM\5Fitness family would like to express our per found condolences to all the effected individuals and all the effected families world wide that have loved one’s that have past away due to the virus. We know here at IM5 that this is a trying time for all people on the earth and it is really a god and you time. We would just like for you too allow us to be in your life….. and tell us what you want at this time. But as you know everything takes a back seat to life right now.

We are still here for your questions and answers and we will, as always try to answer them the best of our ability.

Healthy Ways To Increase Your Immune System

As we have witnessed this new life changing and new normal Life style that is upon us. We have also began to know the impotence of our surroundings and especially our health. We here at IM/5 are here to help in any way that we can, we are all in this together weather we want to be or not. So here are some careful tips that can help you out on the way through our new journey and God Bless everyone from the IM/5Fitness family.

Don’t smoke or breath in smoke

Eat a high diet of fruit and vegetables with your meals

Exercise regularly

Maintain a healthy wieght

Alcohol in Moderation

These next two may be the most important in the group

Get adequate sleep and rest

Minimize Stress ( know when it is time for you to rest and just take time out for yourself, nothing is worth sacrificing your health.)

Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.

How To Mentally And Physically Prepare For Weight Loss

There is a difference that needs to be addressed when it comes to loosing weight. There is a big difference between just eating and eating because you are hungry and consuming more than your body needs to function and be healthy. We have put together some things that we think every person needs to keep in mind and you can incorporate for your journey.

Be Accountable

Track your progress but don’t get obsessive, weigh yourself every week and monitor your eating habits, how you eat and when you eat, learn your body and what works for you.

Create a Meal Plan That Fits You Not Someone else

only you know your eating habits, what triggers your body and where it goes. You know where you want to get too and how you want it to look. The key is what it is going to take to get there and realistically knowing your body is half the battle. Set reasonable perimeters that you know are achievable for the short term. This will help you to get to your long term goal and be successful.

Remember Be Patient

Mentally it is not easy when it comes to loosing weight, just remember no one is perfect and it is totally OK to loose your way at times. The consistency as much as possible is the key, just remember, anything done for a thirty day period becomes a habit. Always visualize your commitment and goals, trying three times, maybe, but consistently trying on an everyday basis means results that you can see and be proud of.

Tips To Safe Exercising

Know your body

Knowing when things feel good and are right is a good thing, but also knowing when an exercise is wrong for you and when your body has a negative reaction is also important. Every exercise and every weight workout is not meant for everyone.


Make sure that you have a balance of water and electrolytes in your body to aide the workout and recovery process.


Don’t over exert yourself, no pain, no gain is good however, don’t do more than your recovery day or days can handle. If you can do ten or more of any exercise workout, then it’s time to move up to the next level.

Be knowledgeable

Know your exercises and routine, what they do, what is the buildup area and what the results should be.

Be as technical as possible

Stay within the instructional technique as much as possible to avoid injury and unnecessary soreness.

Be reasonable

Set reachable goals, this will help boost your confidence and help your motivation to keep going and move higher.